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An Unprecedented Stunner

Your senses will be touched from the moment you enter through the gate.

Rocky Creek Art Garden is located in Melbourne, the most livable city in the world, in the midst of the main tourist area of the Dandenong Ranges. The art garden is only a moment away from the charming Sassafras and Olinda Villages, the national parks and other well known tourist attractions.
In 3.25 acres land, the most tranquil and picturesque 90 years old gardens shows it’s charming beauty, the big rock-built building boasts an unique combination of stunning original character, wonderful artistic flair, and brilliance that truly needs to be seen to be believed.

The old garden with big flower trees and forest with century old trees can be explored via 250m walking tracks. There are 90 years old rhododendron( can be over 10 meters), azalea, camellia, Japanese maple ( over 10 meters ), copper weeping, hydrangea, biggest magnolia tree in the mountain, and other various kinds of flower…..

A 120m long enchanting creek flows through this garden land only a few meters away from the house. A portion of the creek runs over a large rock face, followed by the portion of many small waterfalls, a rare occurrence. There is a about 1/3 of land is a piece of huge rock. Surely, different season got different fantastic color. 

With much care, craftsmanship and amazing attention to detail, a team of artists, interior designers and landscapers spent 7 years meticulously extending the original home with the use of hand selected rare quarry stone and recycled red gum, ironbark and turpentine timbers. The result is a picture of stunning rustic living, with the home enjoying lofty ceilings, unique curved walls, multiple fireplaces and wood heaters throughout, and an abundance of space and retreats.

Beautiful, high quality art works—interesting paintings and sculptures—located both indoor and outdoor in this unique property.